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How can I learn sailing?

The best way to learn sailing – get on a boat and feel the wind, the water, and the sun! Be invited to join one the outings that are organized by the club. Skippers and other experience sailors will ensure that you participate to the various manoeuvers and get true hands-on experience. This applies to any type of outing, including regattas. Please make sure that you bring the appropriate equipment with you.

Pending availability of instructors, the club will organize regular training sessions so that members can learn and improve their sailing skills. For candidates to the lake permit, the skipper will help you practice a few of the permit drills (like the man overboard manoeuver).
If you are interested to pass your sailing permit, we recommend that you also take lessons with professional sailing schools (see the links page), and gain in parallel experience by going out with the club boat.

With your online access to the Sailing Club site, you can get access to the list of skippers and register for training sessions.

Every member of the club can add his/her name to a booking if there is enough place left or add his/her name to the waiting list. At least 2 members of the club (skipper not included) must be given priorities on the boat, over non club members.
Experienced sailors that have never sailed this boat and plan to take it out must get out at least once with a member of the club committee.

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