As you know, the club is mainly self funded and for every activity, we ask for a participation fee that help us cover the maintenance and operating costs of our boat.

Club Membership fee

This is an annual fee that is due for the Sailing season, valid from January 1st to December 31st. This fee opens access to all Club activities as well as to the booking feaures on the website. Only members having paid their membership fee are allowed on the boat.

HP employees or direct family members
HP retired employees
Individual member Fr. 60

Under certain conditions, the Club is opened to non HP employees (external member), as long as they are sponsored by an HP member of the club and approved by the Committee.

Boat usage fee

For every outing, a usage fee of Fr. 20 per person on board is collected, with a minimum of Fr. 40 for the boat for every outing. For training sessions or leisure outing (ie not regattas), the skipper is exempted from contributing to this fee. The skipper is responsible for the payment of this fee to the Sailing Club account.

Payment instructions

All payments must be made in advance through e-banking transfer to the Sailing Club bank account. Do not forget to mention your name and the purpose of the payment in comment section.

The Sailing Club bank account references are :
1212 Grand-Lancy
IBAN : CH18 0900 0000 1287 5665 2

We also recommend that you send in parallel an email to the HP Sailing Club indicating what payment you have made and when.

Additional administrative information needed


HP employees are covered by HP accident insurance.
For non HP employees or retired HP employees, you must provide a written confirmation from your accident insurance that you are covered for leisure/regattas sailing activities on the lake.

Sailing license:

All skippers, must provide a copy of their sailing license.

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